Practice Management

Ensuring physician members have the tools and resources they need to practice medicine successfully in every setting is our priority. Contact NCMS/SCMS  to access a wide range of resources, comprehensive information guides, and access to a team of experts who are here to help you navigate through the ever-changing health environment.


When do I call?

NCMS/SCMS staff works in partnership with CMA’s practice management experts to provide one-on-one help with contracting, billing, and payment problems.. These services are included in the cost of membership and are only available to NCMS/SCMS members If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it might be time to call NCMS/SCMS for help.


  • Are your claims not being paid in a timely manner?
  • Are you not being paid according to your contract?
  • Are your claims being denied after obtaining prior authorization or verifying eligibility?
  • Are you receiving unreasonable requests for medical records or untimely requests for refunds?
  • Are you having difficulty obtaining fee schedules and/or payment rules?
  • Are your claims denied for timely filing?
  • Have you been presented with a managed care contract and you’re not sure if the terms are consistent with California law?
  • Have you done everything you can to resolve an issue with a payor, including appealing, and have been unsuccessful in getting the payor to resolve the issue?


Call 707-355-3622 today and we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to identify and fight unfair payment practices.



Free MACRA Assistance Program for Solano/Napa Physicians

NCMS/SCMS and Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC), the doctor-owned professional liability insurance carrier sponsored by the medical societies, have teamed up with nationally recognized subject-matter experts to develop a free program to help physicians maximize reimbursement under MACRA.


  • Recorded 3-Hour Orientation Seminar: Deep-dive session for physicians, practice managers, and billers to begin developing a plan to earn incentives and maximize reimbursement.

  • On-demand Webinars on Creating a MIPS Success Roadmap:

  • Quality Measures 

  • Clinical Practice Improvement Areas 

  • Advancing Care Information 

  • Resource Use or Cost 

  • Security Risk Analysis

  • MIPS Navigator Online Measure Selection Tool: Free license for online tool that help you create a customized MIPS plan for your practice.


Enroll in the free MACRA Assistance Program by calling 707-255-3622, or completing this form.