Physician Wellness

Burnout is extremely high among practicing physicians, with recent studies showing nearly 44% of U.S. doctors reporting one or more symptoms of burnout, depression, or both. Physicians are also at 50-300% increased risk for death by suicide compared to professionals in other fields.


To combat physician burnout, NCMS and SCMS created the Together in Medicine program for Napa and Solano physicians and are working closely with the California Medical Association (CMA) to promote a statewide wellness effort: Well Physician California.



Together in Medicine Program


The SCMS/NCMS Together in Medicine program aims to improve physician wellness by building physician camaraderie, providing fun opportunities for physicians to enjoy their time when they’re away from the office, and showing appreciation for the work they do. This is accomplished through physician socials, private theater movie nights for the entire family, workplace physician appreciation pop-ups, and more.



Well Physician California


A collaboration of the CMA and Stanford University, Well Physician California seeks to target physician wellness and reduce burnout and attrition from the profession. Services under this new initiative are expected to be announced in the coming months.


Interested in learning more or want to attend in upcoming event? Please email exec@ncms.com for more information.