Resources for Physicians

Below are resources developed by CMA to help educate physicians on the ICD-10 transition.

CMA Resources

ICD-10 Transition Guide – What physicians need to know

ICD-10 News

Click here for the most recent news related to the ICD-10 transition.

CMA Newsletters

CMA produces a number of publications to keep members up to date on the latest health care news and information affecting the practice of medicine in California. You can subscribe to any of these newsletters at www.cmanet.org/newsletters.

  • CMA Practice Resources. CMA Practice Resources (CPR) is a free monthly newsletter from CMA's practice management experts that focuses on critical payor and health care industry issues, including contracting with health plans in the exchange, and how these issues directly impact the business of a physician practice.
  • CMA Alert. CMA publishes a biweekly e-newsletter, CMA Alert, to keep its members up-to-date on critical issues affecting the practice of medicine in California.

CMA Custom Content Alerts

The CMA website allows registered users to create custom content alerts on the topics that are of interest to you. Once signed up, you will be notified any time there is new content posted in one of your interested areas, including ICD-10 issues. To sign up, users should visit their account dashboard on the CMA website and click on “My Alerts,” then select “ICD-10.”

ICD-10 Interactive Self-Learning Tool

The World Health Organization (WHO) offers a free online ICD-10 training tool designed for self-learning. The modular structure of the training allows users to tailor their learning by selecting the topics they wish to learn about, including an introduction, structure of the classification and how to code, as well as a module on each chapter. At the end of each module, there are exercises as well as a self-check test.

External Resources