CMA House of Delegates


Workers Comp.

The House of Delegates convenes annually to debate major issues impacting California physicians and patients, including issues related to medical practice, public health and CMA governance issues. The House of Delegates also meets virtually throughout the year to debate and act on individual resolutions and reports dealing with a myriad of issues. Policies adopted by the House and/or Board of Trustees become official CMA policy and the business of the Association. 

The House of Delegates consists of more than 400 delegates elected by members of component medical societies, specialty societies, CMA sections (Organized Medical Staff Section, Young Physicians Section, Ethnic Medical Organization Section, Medical Student Section, the Resident and Fellows Section) and CMA mode of practice forums. Submitting resolutions to the House of Delegates is the most direct way for members to influence CMA's advocacy agenda.


Click Here to learn more about the CMA House of Delegates. If you would like to get involved in the HOD, or if you still have questions, contact the Medical Society at 707.255.3622