State Legislative Advocacy


JANUARY 16, 2017

Throughout our history, CMA physicians have advocated for health care coverage for all Californians and improved access to care.  These priorities continue to guide our advocacy as Congress debates the Affordable Care Act and future health care reform proposals.  CMA’s overriding goal is to ensure that Californians maintain access to quality, meaningful, affordable coverage. CMA physicians remain committed to the health and well-being of our patients. 

CMA’s goals for the future of federal health care reform: 

1. Ensure Californians do not lose coverage or access to care.  

2. Improve access to care.  
3. Protect state and federal health care funding for Californians. Support appropriate and broad-based health care financing.

4. Continue tax policies and subsidies that help low-moderate income patients afford coverage.

5. Advocate for broad patient choice of physicians, plans and coverage through Health Savings Accounts, private contracting, private insurers and health plans, as well as government programs.  

6. Maintain the important insurance reforms that protect physicians and their patients, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions.

7. Stabilize the individual insurance market.  

8. Provide access to affordable prescription drugs.

9. Medical liability reform that does not undermine California’s MICRA law.