Solano County Leadership

2017 Board of Directors


Javier Saenz, MD

Donna Seabrooks, MD

Sabir Khan, MD

 Julie Chen, MD

Julie Chen, MD
Immediate Past- President

2017 Directors

Ahmed Erakat, DO 
Michael Vollmer, MD

CMA District X Delegates

Kathryn Amacher, DO  
Lewis Broschard, MD 
Gillian Kuehner, MD 
George Paz, MD (District X Chair)
Le Chi Pham, MD 
Javier Saenz, MD

CMA District X Alternate Delegate
James Bronk, MD 
Julie Chen, MD
Sabir Khan, MD
Eric Leung, MD
Richard Lotsch,DO
Donna Seabrooks, MD 

CMA District X Trustee
James Cotter, MD 

Organizational Representation
Bela Matyas, MD, Solano County Health Officer
Mark Netherda, MD Partnership HealthPlan of CA
Howard Feinberg, DO, Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine
William Fulton, DO, NorthBay HealthCare

Executive Director

Kena Burke, MPP